Error: template for shortcode "alert" not found

Hello. Just discovered the [Academic theme] for [Hugo].
Trying to install using RStudio.
Steps performed are listed below.
Probably a silly mistake but I am stuck, do not imagine how to proceed.
Can anybody help?
Many thanks, Roberto Scotti

I forked repo to a profile I manage,
then I created a new project from GIT repo using RStudio facilities.
Following Academic install page I went trough the following steps:

blogdown::install_hugo(force = TRUE)
-# Open academic.Rproj from the Academic Kickstart folder in Step 1
blogdown:::serve_site() #### !!! ERROR !!!
-# Building sites … Total in 6 ms
-# Error: Error building site: “C:\Users\ro\Documents\WORK\RICERCA\GitHub\academic-kickstart\content\home\”: failed to extract shortcode: template for shortcode “alert” not found

CC @neutreno

The above error appears when the installation steps are not followed.


thanks @zwbetz, maybe this discussion (where @neutreno gave a solution) is related with my problem?

The Alert error generally implies that you installed Kickstart (the quick start template) but not Academic (the theme).