Error messages - informative vs uninformative

Recently I tried to install a theme - and got an error message “TOCSS: failed to transform “scss/style.scss” (text/x-scss): resource “scss/scss/style.scss” not found in file cache”.

I did a lot of digging and found that a few releases ago this error message was a lot more informative: “TOCSS: failed to transform “scss/main.scss” (text/x-scss): this feature is not available in your current Hugo version”

Why dev substituted a more informative error msg with a less informative? With the former version I’d immediately understand what was my problem, which would save me quite a lot of time.

Besides, why release abridged version of Hugo if extended is just 800 kb greater? Are devs that tight on SSD space?? Extended is better for the peace of mind and progress (use sass, it’s good for you) and the price is not big.

It was not intentional.

Two reasons:

  1. Extended version requires a C++ build chain for the target platform. I spent 2 days setting it up on the current 3 platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOs). We build for many others, and that is platforms I cannot easily test on … and also there is the time aspect.
  2. The extended version requires libc installed, which may not be wanted/possible in some setups… Docker, Android, iOS…? What do I know.

But the main reason is 1).

Thank you bep!