Equivalent to jekyll/octopress theme named Cleanpress?


I’ve been using Jekyll/Octopress for a few years now and I’m stuck with octopress2 since the theme I use, named Cleanpress, has not yet been ported (if ever) to octopress3.

You can see it here and on my own site

Is there something equivalent or close with Hugo?

I also created one useful (I think) plugin to generate wikipedia links so I was wondering whether there was an equivalent yet.


Not sure, but you can browse the themes here: http://themes.gohugo.io/

They have a “demo button”.

Converting the plugin to a shortcode is very easy. When I moved from Octopress to Hugo, I had to re-create two plugins (captions for images and codeblocks) and it only took a few minutes in Hugo. I could not find a link to the plugin on your website.

There is a limit to two URL per message so I could not put it :slightly_smiling:

Here it is

Here’s what I came up with. My personal preference is tags with named parameters but I have added the code for positional parameters too.

Excellent, thanks a lot. Now, only remains to find a theme close to the one I have now.