Ed - toggle/disable annotation?

I am trying to build a site using the Ed theme. In this theme there’s the feature of supporting annotation via hypothes.is, but I would like to turn annotation off.

I wonder what is the best way to do this. Preferably, by changing a configuration option to turn it off. But I don’t know enough about Hugo to start looking. (Would @egrep please help?) Thank you!

Oh, I think I can try to answer my own question… the documentation does mention this flag in the YAML Front Matter:

annotations: false

But… what is the best way to apply this to every page?

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Perhaps in the global configuration?

How can I set a global default for this Front Matter? In the site index file, and cascade?

Maybe in the first _index.md file inside the content folder, add this

  annotations: false

And see what you get.

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Thanks! This works.

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