Documentation is very detailed, where can i find "Write your first APP"?

Hugo looks really interesting but while diving into documentation i cannot find something like “write your first app from scratch” for example take a look at Django way of doing this: Writing your first Django app, part 1 | Django documentation | Django

In Hugo docs just after “Installation” there’s getting-started/usage/ but i still know nothing about writing my first template and website.

Then there is getting-started/directory-structure/ but still i don’t know nothing about writing my first app from scratch.

Then there is a lot of topics on “Configuration”. And then there are “External Learning Resources” which is basically a big logo of a book for $30 bucks.

Do i miss something?

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Actually the place to start learning Hugo is the Quick Start Guide.

It makes use of the Ananke theme and offers a basic introduction about setting up a Hugo project, adding content etc.

After following the Quickstart Guide, have a look at the theme’s templates and read about the Template Lookup Order, so that you understand how to control pages by their respective templates.

Beyond that you will have to dive into the template syntax, functions etc…