Documentation — if one needs more details

If one is interested in helping with the documentation as described here but needs more details than the current documentation provides, is that information to be found only through examination of Hugo source code—thus requiring knowledge of Go—or are there other references which aren’t linked from the Hugo docs?

Here’s a specific example. In the Page Resources documentation, there is the following:



The main type of the resource. For example, a file of MIME type image/jpg has the ResourceType image .

…to which I ask, “Okay, but what about the other ResourceTypes? Where do I find them?”

It appears there are statements like this throughout the docs, which implies (to me, anyway) that anyone who wants to contribute to the documentation needs a reference on which to rely. Do I need to learn enough Go to have at least some understanding of the Hugo source code, so I can by extension understand such “here’s-an-example-but-we-don’t-list-others” items? Or are there other sources, elsewhere, which could help facilitate the deeper dive that appears necessary for fleshing out such things?

If I’m missing something and it’s clearer than I think, I apologize; I’m just trying to understand. Thanks very much in advance for whatever light anyone can shed on this for me.


Could/should be nice, if hugo knows MIME types.

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Thanks. To be sure, MDN is a great source for many things, and I rely on it heavily. However, my question is not so much about this specific item as it is about how I can know what Hugo “knows” about this and other items, so I can (perhaps) offer what I hope would be helpful and informative edits to the documentation. Hope that makes sense.