Docs suggestion: mention the other time variables

I was poking through and I thought it’d be a good idea to mention (and link to) .Date, .Lastmod, .ExpiryDate, and .PublishDate in each other’s entry. Sample:

    The date associated with the page. Also see .Lastmod, .ExpiryDate, and .PublishDate.
    the date the content was last modified (i.e. from lastmod in the content’s front matter). Also see .Date, .ExpiryDate, and .PublishDate.

Also: .Lastmod says its value comes from “lastmod” in the front matter — can someone add similar “where this comes from” information for .Date, .PublishDate, and .ExpiryDate, too?

I’ll take care of this today.


I’ve made some changes per your suggestions. Thanks for the keen eye:

And on the live site:

As far as linking to the individual fields, this isn’t possible because they aren’t headers.


If I were to edit so it had a real definition list in it, with id attributes on each dt so everything could be linked to, would you probably accept the changes?

Check your browser’s dev tools :smile: It’s always been a <dl>. This was one of the more tedious improvements I made from the current docs.

If you’re talking about muddying the clean markdown syntax with embedded HTML, I’d rather not. The headings are enough in terms of unique IDs, and a “See the <DT> two inches below” is enough of a signifier for the end user.

Maybe you’re not seeing the DL formatting in GitHub because GitHub’s GFM, to my knowledge, doesn’t support this extension to markdown. Luckily, Hugo use’s BlackFriday: