Docdock theme removed?

Has someone removed the docdock theme from Hugo? If so, why? I have a production-level docs site that’s based on docdock (with many changes).

Thank you. But it seems that the theme is no longer listed in the Gallery.

Feel free to fork that theme. If it ever does get removed from GitHub, you’ll still be able to use your fork.

This is the commit that removed it:

based on this issue:

The Dockdock theme no longer works with Hugo versions since 0.58.0+.
Also it seems that it is no longer actively maintained by its author, since they were notified about the issue and given guidance, about a month and half before the removal from the Themes Showcase.
We only list themes whose demos are generated with the latest Hugo.


This is strange I use actively docdock and after the commits made for all the changes in 0.55.0 I have no problem even in 0.59.0.

But yes, it is not actively maintained.