Disappearing exe file

apologies if this the wrong place to ask a very simple question re installation, yet the hugo.exe file launches as expected but then fades out in approx 3 seconds.
I followed your very clear instructions (assuming attached C:\Hugo\bin is correct) but still no luck with fading .exe file!

Uh, do you mean you are double-clicking hugo.exe and it is disappearing after a few seconds?

Sorry if you know this and I’m mis-understanding what you’re seeing: it’s a command line app, not a gui, so you should open a command line, then use it via its arguments.

many thanks Rick
I think (very stupidly) I missed a step and hadnt made the connection (using Git Shell as editor didnt work and with no visible icon for the GitBash on the desktop I assumed the hugo.exe would produce the gui, but its message disappeared before I could read it, so never went back to your quickstart guide…)
a long-winded way of saying I believe all now well and am under way, thank you!

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