Difficulty deleting the title ‘‘Biography’’ on my webpage

Hi, I am using the Hugo Academic Theme.

I am trying to do delete the title ‘‘Biography’’ on my webpage.

I know I can modify the biography section by changing this path.


But, this doesn’t show the title ‘‘Biography’’, so I don’t know how to delete the title.

Does anybody know how to delete the title - ‘‘Biography’’?

The following is the code and this is my webpage: https://chanikjo.netlify.com/

# Display name
name = "Chanik Jo"

# Is this the primary user of the site?
superuser = true

# Role/position
role = "Finance PhD Student"

# Organizations/Affiliations
#   Separate multiple entries with a comma, using the form: `[ {name="Org1", url=""}, {name="Org2", url=""} ]`.
organizations = [ { name = "University of Toronto", url = "" } ]

# Short bio (displayed in user profile at end of posts)
bio = ""

# Enter email to display Gravatar (if Gravatar enabled in Config)
email = ""

# List (academic) interests or hobbies
interests = [
  "Consumption-based pricing model",
  "Empirical asset pricing",
  "Household Finance"

# List qualifications (such as academic degrees)
  course = "PhD in Finance"
  institution = "University of Toronto"
  year = "2021 (Expected)"

  course = "M.S. in Management Engineering"
  institution = "Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology"
  year = 2015

  course = "Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Economics"
  institution = "Sogang University"
  year = 2013

  icon = "envelope"
  icon_pack = "fas"
  link = "" 

Welcome! I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in finance at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. My research interests include consumption-based asset pricing, empirical asset pricing as well as household finance.

CC @neutreno

The About widget title can be found in the About widget front matter rather than in your user account. See https://sourcethemes.com/academic/docs/widgets/#about

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Thanks a lot!