Deployment to Github: Whats the importance of .sh files?

Hey Hugo community. I’m using Windows to build my Hugo site and Im currently concerned with deployment to Github. I looked at the tutorial and I am having problems with the importance of the file. I suppose this is an important file to have (correct me if Im wrong) in this process, but Im confused with using this because it doesnt seem that github requires sh files for deployment, not to mention Im not certain where the sh file is really being used.

So I’d like to know:

  1. the importance of .sh files in deploying Hugo sites to GitHub: shouldn’t the process work without sh files if your site is just a bunch of index.html files?
  2. Are .sh files only something used for Github pages? There seems to be a common understanding of these files that I missed.


.sh is a common suffix for shell scripts on Unix (Windows: bat, cmd), a way to script steps used for deployment, to avoid doing them manually. So yes, you do not need it, but it makes life easier.