Deployment help needed


New to all of this. have a tiny one page website using creative. Happy with how it looks locally. Trying to deploy (manually copying files from /public to host) site comes up without any styling no css, no images. think I must have paths incorrect somewhere

would appreciate any suggestions

Hi @Megan_Sinclair! Did you set the baseurl variable to the right address in your config.toml website options file? If this url isn’t exact, all links in your generated html will try to get css and all from a non-existing path.

baseurl = "your website's URL"

It can also be useful to look at the generated pages, see where the links are wrong. I’ve also had an issue with git where it wouldn’t update the case of generated folders upon a commit (i.e. Portfolio vs portfolio), leading to a few 404 errors on my website.

also @Megan_Sinclair if you share with us the url we could look at the output and see if anything else sticks out. Agree with @gdquest that baseurl is the place to start.

thanks so much for the help. Of course it was the the url :). Looking at the generated page made the error in the setting immediately apparent. I hadn’t released I need a trailing “/” thanks again