Deploying a multihost configuration with Cloudflare Pages

Has anyone experience deploying a multihost configuration with Cloudflare Pages (CFP)? I’m currently using Netlify, which supports monorepos, so I can connect the same repo to different sites and just change the publish directory accordingly (so that every time I push a commit all sites are built and deployed).

CFP doesn’t support monorepos yet, so I’ve been told to use GitHub Actions (GHA) and wrangler to directly upload my sites, but I have zero experience with them (GHA), hence my search for help here.

I will perfectly understand if this is not the right forum to ask this.

Thanks in advance,

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Cloudflare provides their GitHub actions for pages.

Simply create a workflow for each site in your repo.

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I see. Thank you, @razon. I was struggling as I thought I had to specify the deployment of the different sites under the same workflow file. Now it’s much clearer to me. I guess that if I set some environment variables they’ll be specific to that deployment, right?

I think you can create either multiple workflows or multiple jobs inside one workflow, and then specify the projectName for each site.


The best option is using matrix strategy, you can reuse the same job with different inputs (such as projectName), but it’s a little bit complex.

        sites: [proj1, proj2]
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Leaving this here for future reference. My GHA is now here and properly working and deploying three sites in CFP simultaneously.

Thank you very much for your help, @razon. I also want to thank @bwintx for guiding me through the process of setting up the GHA on the unofficial Hugo Discord server.


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