<delimit .Params.tags...>: error calling delimit:

I am struggling with the folllowing error:

theme/partials/widgets/group.html" at <delimit .Params.tags…>: error calling delimit: can’t iterate over

I saw that there might be a trick in another post, Error with .delimit .Params.tags
but I have no idea where to add this. My few attempts have completely failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Please give us more info, as seen here: Requesting Help

Thanks for the reply. Here are some info that you requested:

  1. I have read all the documentation and didn’t find anything helpful, except for this :
    Error with .delimit .Params.tags

but I have no idea where to put that …

  1. I am trying to run my personal website, based on
    the basic setup runs fine.

I copied /themes/academic/layouts/partials/widgets/projects.html into a new file

and this gives me the error above.

  1. As for the version required, here are the details:
    Hugo Static Site Generator v0.30.2 darwin/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-10-28T19:20:22-04:00
    git version 2.14.3


What I posted in the thread you linked to, is a workaround that went into list.html in my user case.

The error that you encountered with delimit .Params.tags " " is caused by content that does not have tags assigned.

To make the error go away you will have to add tags to all the content that is rendered by the partial at /theme/partials/widgets/group.html

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