Data binding Injection - Model View ViewModel (MVVM)

I’m not sure what I’m gonna say it completly make sense on a static generator blog platform, anyawy let me speculate a bit.

Suppose I have a “table” or a “chart” in my blog post and I want it to be in “sync” with data in a backend of mine which is part of another service (not a backend for blog engine, which we are trying to evoid).

I’d like to have a “real-time chart” in my blog post, let say.

Could it make sense having a 2-way-binding mechanism injected in the generated post view? I’m thinking to something AngularJS style for example, or React?

Does it make sense? If yes, how can we do that in Hugo?

That’s not really anything Hugo should care about, is it? Just add some JavaScript that pulls in the data on page load for instance? Not sure if using Angular would be the best fit though, that’s probably overkill (and complicated).