Daily deployment of future posts

This came up on my Twitter feed and it involves using Zapier to setup daily builds of a Hugo site on Netlify.

So that if you have a queue of posts dated in the future these can be published at the specified time without having to do anything manually.

This post discusses several things the relevant section is further down the page and it is called Scheduling Deploys:


And if you don’t like Zapier the same thing can be done with a cronjob. Netlify has build hooks, that are basically URLs that you can load and Netlify does something. (Deploy Settings > Build Hooks)


And if you already have a IFTTT account, you can use Netlify’s webhook feature with an IFTTT applet that executes Webhooks based on Date & time.

Here’s how the settings for that look:


Hah! You beat me to it :slight_smile:

IFTTT has been working great for me for a long time (I even forgot that it’s been running ;)):

Forget to say, but you can of course also do a periodic deploy with CircleCI.

This workflow runs the build job for the master branch every Monday and Friday at 4:00 UTC:

      - schedule:
          # Run at 4:00 UTC every Mon and Fri
          cron: "0 4 * * 1,5"
              only: master
      - build

On CircleCI you specify when the periodic rebuild has to happen with cron.

Here is helpful generator to make the periodic deploy format you want: https://crontab-generator.org/

You already beat me with your earlier topic. :slight_smile: Could have just as easily linked to your topic!

Cool, I did not know that IFTTT has a timer. Much better than a cronjob (I would have to search where I set up mine :woozy_face:

I might be off topic here … Since I stumbled upon render.com I never used netlify again.
Ah yes, it has “cron jobs” inside too…