Customized Cloudinary figure shortcode


I have the following (relevant portion) for a customized “figure2” shortcode:

<figure2 {{ with .Get “class” }}class="{{.}}"{{ end }}>
{{ with .Get “link”}}{{ end }}
sizes="(min-width: 30em) 28em, 100vw"
srcset=“,q_70,w_256/{{ .Get “filename” }}.jpg 256w,,q_70,w_512/{{ .Get “filename” }}.jpg 512w,,q_70,w_768/{{ .Get “filename” }}.jpg 768w,,q_70,w_1024/{{ .Get “filename” }}.jpg 1024w,,q_70,w_1280/{{ .Get “filename” }}.jpg 1280w”
src=“,q_70,w_512/{{ .Get “filename” }}.jpg”

In my .md file, I have (for a particular image):

{{% figure2 filename=“testimage1600.jpg" alt="testimage" %}}

The resultant HTML (from Web Inspector in Safari) is:

   sizes="(min-width: 30em) 28em, 100vw"
   srcset=",q_70,w_256/%20alt=.jpg 256w,,q_70,w_512/%20alt=.jpg 512w,,q_70,w_768/%20alt=.jpg 768w,,q_70,w_1024/%20alt=.jpg 1024w,,q_70,w_1280/%20alt=.jpg 1280w"
     src=",q_70,w_512/%20alt=.jpg"   > 

Obviously, the image is not displayed. The filename is not being incorporated into the resultant HTML. I have the code/syntax wrong somewhere.

Can anyone offer a correction ?