Custom taxonomy catch ID

I read all the documentation, and couldn’t do it
I’m trying to make the URL look like this:
localhost:1313/page /{ID}
for example: localhost:1313/page/4

and then catch the Page Id
how can i do this?

Thank you


What you are trying to accomplish is unclear, at best.

  • Is page a content type or part of the paginator URL?
  • Is 4 a paginator page number, a slug, a title, something else?
  • How is this related to taxonomies or terms?
  • What do you mean by catch?

Please take some time to carefully and concisely word your question. If you don’t, it is unlikely you will receive any assistance.

Thank you for your reply

  1. page is a directory
  2. is have to be Id that i want to catch and use in the html, its something dynamic, i don’t want to create a new directory for each Id

Is it clear now?
Thank you!!


No, it is not.