Custom target URL for a homepage

Dear Hugo Wizards,
Here is my use case:

  • I have a multilingual site with 2 langauges to start with
  • Content directories are set per language as: content/en and content/pl respectively,
  • Every language directory has a subdirectory with a “” file,
  • English (en) is the default language with its content in subdirectory by default,

I want to keep the Polish (pl) homepage under: “/pl/home.html” and use the translationKey in teh front-matter to link it to teh main homepage in English.

Here is waht I tried with mixed results:

  • Placed: “” under: /en/ and /pl/ directories,
  • Content gets generated by the Polish langauge site is placed in the “index.html” file regardless of slug or url values in front-matter,
  • I created a “” in /pl/ directory, but then I still need teh “” at the root,
  • when I want to create alias from: /pl/index.html" to /pl/home.html" I keep getting duplicate path warnings.

What kind of folder and file structure I need to:

  • Have the default homepage in English,
  • Have the Polish homepage at: /pl/home.html",
  • Connect bowth with translationKey in front-matter,
    *Do not get path warning issues with the alias.

Last but not least, it seems to me that Hugo does not allow to set a slug or url for the homepage.

Thank you in advance for any help or hints,