Custom Output Format : Specific first files to build on config


I’m creating some jsonfeed for each Section with the custom output format. Also i’m using this jsonfeed to create my lists on the of my Section.

This is here where the snake is biting his own tail. The first build can’t build correctly the lists.

No one has an idea to prioritize the build of the feed before that of the list ?

You can not use the output of one as input of another format, if that is what you’re asking for – but I think you’re doing something wrong here, which would be possible to tell if you could link to and explain the source/problem.

except if I succeed building the output before the input :slight_smile:

i create the lists like this

{{ $cityURL := "ville/feed/index.json" }}
{{ $getCity := getJSON (string .Site.BaseURL) $cityURL }}
{{ range last 52  $getCity.items }}
  1. The rendering order is well defined (alphabetic, so AMP before HTML)
  2. But there are no 1:1 mapping between input and output. If I understand you correctly, you could however take advantage of the fact that Hugo is blistering fast and build the site twice.