Custom domain not accessible from eduroam


I deployed my website by netlify, and then added my custom domain.
It’s very strange that I can’t access the custom domain if I use eduroam, whereas I can access it using my smartphone data.
No problem with the given domain offered by netlify.

I thought it was Ipv6, then I enabled Ipv6 in netlify, but it still doesn’t work.
Can anyone help me?

My website code:
custom domain:


the given domain offered by netlify is :

Netlify support and docs. If you have a service issue, it makes sense to address the service with your issues.

I can reach the website and it looks ok. It looks like you like “shashlik” (that’s food from east europe where they put stuff on a stick and barbecue it :wink: )

Anyway. I guess you have some sort of routing or “censoring” issue with the domain name. Try to traceroute the domain name. Somewhere between your computer and the netlify servers will be a block.