Css Loading in Nested Menus

Really love working with HUGO! Have had a great time learning about it and making sites.

I have been struggling to get this basic skeleton of a nested menu to take styling. I can get css loaded in the main menu, but once I click on the nested menu css is no longer loaded. I have looked through forum but I have not seen or probably, have not understood how to solve this from examples given.

My Repo is here: REPO

Thanks for any guidance you can give.

I don’t quite get what the problem is here.

You can assign any CSS class you need into that nested menu from within its nav partial and style it as you see fit.

For example:

{{ range .Children }}
<li class="nested"><a href="{{ .URL }}" > {{ .Name }} </a></li>
{{ end }}

If you’re asking us about CSS pseudo-selectors then you’re in the wrong forum.