Creating pages based on data

Hello! :slight_smile:
In a site I am building I have a concept called “teams”. The information about the different teams exist in a json data file in /data/teams.json. This json file is the “source-of-truth” for the existing teams and it might change and updated every now and then.

I also have a page called “layouts/_default/organization.html” that list the different teams using a simple range:

{{ range .Site.Data.teams }}
{{ end }}

I want each team to be a link to its own dedicated page “/team/[team-name]” and this page will display the ifnromation about this team, based on the Data.

I don’t want to create a page for each team as it can be tedious, frequently changed, and prone to mistakes.

I’ve read about taxonomy and I thought that if I can make a term page for a single team, then I can dynamically fill the contents of a team by iterating through the teams and comparing a team name to the URL. But I fought with this and failed.

What do you suggest? I would love you help, especially with the specific pages I need to create to achieve this.

Not possible yet, but thought about. I am not sure but this issue might be of interest:

Edit: It’s not possible to create 10 pages for 10 team items in your teams.json. You COULD create one single page and show/hide content dynamically via Javascript.