Creating Nested Section/Page Lists

I’m adding a new section to my website for publishing fiction/etc. that I’m
writing. I’ve set up a couple of templates for pieces that are self-contained
(no chapters) and pieces that have chapters. However, I’d like to set up a
section page that links to all of these pieces.

Here’s the directory layout that I’m using:

  +- chapter-piece/
  |    |
  |    +-
  |    +-
  |    +-

I’d like writing/ to be a list page that links to writing/chapter-piece/ and
writing/self-contained-piece/. What’s the best way to do that?

Have you tried making a list template for the writing section?


I have. I’ve actually sort of solved the problem, though not perfectly: I didn’t realize that .Sections existed. As of right now, I’m looping through .Sections and then .Pages, although it would be nice if I could interleave them and then use something like a weight to determine the ordering.