Create-Static-Site: CLI to create a new site with Hugo+Gulp+Webpack

Hi guys!

I wrote an article for about an open source CLI tool called Create Static Site. This tool sets up a new Hugo site with an asset processing pipeline featuring postcss, webpack, babel, and some other goodies.

It’s an opinionated configuration by design; it follows create react app’s philosophy of no configuration. Check out the blog post and give it a try!

Disclaimer: I work for


Yes, you are right, it is opinionated. Nothing wrong with that I suppose.

My own thoughts:

  • Do we really want yet another tool in the chain npx - isn’t npm run enough?
  • Looks like it won’t run under Windows

However, thanks for posting, I will certainly have a look at the script. I’ve not yet found a compelling reason to need a webpack toolchain for my simplistic websites but I anticipate it will happen eventually.

npx ships with npm so it’s not really a separate tool. By analogy, if you’ve installed git, you also have git-commit, for example.

I like the idea, though I dislike the idea of using gulp. I’ve tried to make it a point to avoid its introduction in new projects to avoid the extra layer of indirection and needing a host of plugins.

Drat, when did that happen! Totally missed it & use Node.JS regularly. Hmm, came in with npm 5.2 middle of last year. sigh.

OMG, npx is powerful!

But annoyingly, it doesn’t work properly under Windows. They’ve made some assumptions about default file associations that are incorrect. Expect they will sort it out eventually.

Agreed, and work is being done to remove gulp from the toolchain.

It looks like the latest update has caused some problems. I’ll post in here once it all gets sorted out; feel free to post an issue in the meantime if you’re encountering a problem that hasn’t been brought up in there yet.

Thanks. There are a couple of open issues already. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it.