Comment blocks in config.toml

Is there a way to comment out sections of a config.toml file?
The config.toml file I am working with uses a # symbol on each line to remark that line.

 #   facebook = "#"
 #   twitter = "#"
 #   dribbble = "#"

Is there a way to remark a block by placing characters before and after the block?
Example for c /*comment*/ for python '''comment '''

Which text editor do you use? In vscode for example, I can select multiple lines then press control + / to comment/uncomment them

Its Gedit on Fedora and it seems to “understand” toml.
Sometimes I may use vi from the command line though.

The toml spec says it is like this:

# This is a full-line comment
key = "value" # This is a comment at the end of a line

… so the editor would need to understand that for toml, and just comment each line as appropriate for a language like toml.

Did you try installing gedit-plugins, enabling “Code Comment” and then using ctrl-m and shift-ctrl-m to toggle?

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Gedit does highlight and understand TOML, however I do not see an option for enabling “Code Comment”

If the Toml Spec does not show the block code comment capability, that actually answers my question.

Sometimes IT moves backwards :roll_eyes:

Bulk comments were proposed in the past but were deemed “not minimal syntax”

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Well, by that logic they should have eliminated commenting all together.:grinning:
Block Comments and their recognised usefulness have been around for a very long time.

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