Combining single page nav with stand alone nav

I’m using the Icon theme which is a one page theme. I know how to add single pages to the content folder, but what I can’t figure out is how to combine the one page nav and then add my stand alone pages to the same navigation.

right now the nav is this:

# Navigation section
  mission = "Our Mission"
  services = "Services"
  team = "The Team"
  contact = "Get In Touch"
  # Include logo instead if HOME:
  # logo = "path/to/logo"

How do I add a link like this to the nav:

    name = "Landing"
    url = "/landing"
    pre = "<i class='now-ui-icons business_bank'></i>"
weight = 1

I’ve tried a few different ways, but am stuck. Can I mix these two approaches, so should I just do one or the other and go that route?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


You will have better luck asking the theme author, as they will be most familiar with how their theme is set up. :slight_smile: