[CLOSED] .GetPage is not able to get pages from other languages

Is there a way to get a page from another language? For example in a multilingual website with Farsi and English languages, the page collection caches are as follows:

  / : Page(/_index.fa.md)
  /_index.fa.md : Page(/_index.fa.md)
  /about : Page(/about/index.fa.md)
  /about/index : Page(/about/index.fa.md)
  /about/index.fa.md : Page(/about/index.fa.md)
  about : Page(/about/index.fa.md)
  index.fa.md : Page(/about/index.fa.md)
  / : Page(/_index.md)
  /_global : Page(/_global/index.md)
  /_global/index : Page(/_global/index.md)
  /_global/index.md : Page(/_global/index.md)
  /_index : Page(/_index/index.md)
  /_index.md : Page(/_index.md)
  /_index/index : Page(/_index/index.md)
  /_index/index.md : Page(/_index/index.md)
  /about : Page(/about/index.md)
  /about/index : Page(/about/index.md)
  /about/index.md : Page(/about/index.md)
  _global : Page(/_global/index.md)
  _index : Page(/_index/index.md)
  about : Page(/about/index.md)
  index.md : %!v(PANIC=String method: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference)

This means looking for /about/index.md in the Farsi version of a page will return nopPage. Is there a way to get /about/index.md in a Farsi page that’s not necessary the English version of it? Like get /about/index.md in /index.fa.md?

See previous post: Fetch page from another language using .GetPage

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I am very sorry I didn’t find it. Thanks a lot.