Clarification on rendered content structure vs prerendered

I’ve test it on my local site and I want to clarify the following:

Is it true that if I have
-----------/index.html (with slug = post-title)

as my prerendered content structure, and in my config.toml i have

  blog = "/:slug/"

then my post rendered content will end up in baseURL/post-title/ ? The /2022/07/ folders basically don’t mean anything to Hugo if they don’t have any index or _index html files in them?

Mainly, I’m considering organizing my raw files in such a manner but I don’t want it to reflect at all in my actual site.

With this configuration, content/blog/2022/07/07-post-title/index.html will be rendered to public/07-post-title/index.html.

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Indeed, or whatever the slug is set to. So then I guess one could have whatever raw content structure one wants as long as the index.html or _index.html files are correctly placed (or not placed) and the permalink rendering is specified.