Changing URL of first page in paginator to page/1/

├── content
| ├── tracks
| └──
├── layouts
| ├── tracks
| | └── list.html
| └── index.html

My content and layout structure is displayed above.
I have a paginator in list.html in the tracks section.
The url on my local server for this page is h ttp://localhost:1313/tracks/.
When I navigate to the second page in the Pager the url is http://localhost:1313/tracks/page/2/.

Is there any way of changing the url of the first page such that the url is http://localhost:1313/tracks/page/1/?

Currently I am unable to reference image sources as the directory path is different for the first page and all other subsequent pages.

That is also a valid URL, but you get redirected to http://localhost:1313/tracks/. And no, there is no way to change that behaviour.