Changing parameters for nodes

Is there a way to customise the parameters for nodes?

Ideally I’d like to be able to use YAML or TOML somewhere to specify whatever I want to for nodes so that the variables are available in the template.

For example, I might not want the default .Title on a section node (the title is the plural of the section name by default, whereas I may want singular or something else entirely). Is it possible to alter this?

Your question is very general, so a general answer it is:

A recent issue on GitHub asks for a list of configuration options:

As you can see from these, there are some settings, most of them on site level.

So for nodes you can enable PluralizeListTitles - but not much else, and this will work for entire site.

Other may chime in if I’m wrong here.

But what you CAN DO is to pipe the Node values through the template functions in your templates.

Either Go’s bult in or Hugo’s:

The latest edition of Hugo, there’s even a markdownify filter.

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