Categories, Tags, Taxonomies: how to organize content?

Despite my efforts I am still confused about how to proceed and categorize the content of my wannabe site.

It will be about home-made bicycles.

Those bikes are made out of several frame materials (carbon, titanium, steel, aluminium) and they are different kind of bikes: road racing bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, and the like.

I would like to have pages dedicated to the single materials, others dedicated to the several kind of frames, and others again, showing up bicycles that are already made. Those would have either a kind (i.e. road bike) and a material (i.e. steel) so they would belong to both ‘things’.

I am trying to get the hang about how to best organize this content but I’m quite lost. Any input would be gladly welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks all :slight_smile:

There are a lot of different ways to organise content, and none is that much better than another. Personally, I take two factors into consideration when organising content:

(1) What do my readers expect, search for, or come to my website?
If I would be writing tutorials on how to build bikes, I’d structure them by category (since people probably have a type of bike in mind they would like to make). But if you’re writing for steelworkers, they might be much more interested in the distinction between steel and aluminium. So it depends on how your visitors think about home-made bicycles.

(2) What is more easily to maintain and to write for?
You could use tags for everything and use one big category, but that makes it harder (for me) to think about the content and come up with new ideas. I don’t know much about the materials for bikes, so for me it’s easier to organise by type of bike (road racing, city bike, etc).

(Note that here ‘category’ means section).

So I can’t tell you how you should structure your content. :slight_smile: But here’s an example, structured in the way Hugo works with content:

/content/                                       <-- top level
    /road-racing/                               <-- section                             <-- post
            carbon, low-budget, easy-to-build   <-- tags                          <-- post
            wood, intermediate                  <-- tags
    /city-bikes/                                <-- section                          <-- post
            steel, titanium, long-distance      <-- tags                        <-- post
            aluminium, difficult-build          <-- tags
    /mountain-bikes/                            <-- section                     <-- post
            aluminium, carbod, expensive        <-- tags

(Even if you don’t like the example, that’s good, because that can give an idea what kind of structure does work for you).

The single pages that you’d like to have that are dedicated to materials and frames could be the tag pages with the example above. Each tag page can then show the bikes that were made with that particular material or frame.

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Thank you, this helps.

Just to add it to the stuff: what are taxonomies for then?

Cheers and thanks.

Taxonomies is a collective name for categories and tags. See taxonomy - overview.

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The example contains category where it should say section. This is confusing.

To the thread starter: Your use case isn’t straight forward, but possible – I will come up with some suggestions when I get the time.

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I’ve edited the example to reflect this.

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Thanks so much everybody.