Can't get images to work in docdock

I’m switching themes to docdock because of how easily implementing nesting of directories is. However, I’m having some issues with my images.

In their documentation, they have a directory in /projectName/static/ which contains their static images. Then in their markdown, they have ![][imageName.png]. My format is exactly the same, but no images render.

I’ve tried checking the permissions of the files, and methods ranging from different syntax used in markdown, creating relative paths ie. ../../../static/fileName.png, and using variables such as: [myImage]: ../../../static/fileName.png

For example, my current format that isn’t working is

Image location:


and I’m currently trying to access it in a file located here:



and it just renders the string “![][…/…/…/files/myImage.png]”

Any guesses as to what I’m doing wrong?

We would need to see your code in order to really help you.

But without seeing it, note that to reference images the way you’re trying to do, they need to be under projectRoot/static dir

Thanks, I’ll post more of my code, and make sure everything is under projectRoot/static before I post it.

Note that /project/static/animage.jpg translates to

I ended up looking where the browser was looking for the image file, and it turns out it looks for the image file in the same directory that the file is located (that’s rendered). I’m guessing I have some default option set incorrectly. I’m guessing there’s something in the config.toml that sets where the images should be located by default that I’ve messed up.