Can't clear the (a ?) cache, no css change is rendered

Hi, something weird happened since I installed the last .108 version from github.
Now I can’t change anything to the css files, it does precisely nothing. Even emptying them entirely in the editor and saving the files, does nothing. Only outright deleting them makes hugo complain.
This is very annoying and might be related to my other issue about .Ordinal, since I updated to benefit from this feature.

No, it is not.

If you need additional assistance, post a link to the public repository for your project.

It doesn’t say “Change detected, rebuilding site.” when I save the files, but looking into book.min.86b8bcb1c7a5c8c1bc96cca63fcdd73fbec329b35b1529d04b5ae895e138de98.css doesn’t not show what I wrote at all.

Please see my previous comment.

I know I know, I was just scrubbing the sample of anything troublesome so as to avoid the ruckus of last time !
Seems to behave like the original. the html code shows the added .red class, but the csss is not updated.

Your example site doesn’t build.

I downloaded the extended (.108) version and everything’s back to normal, css etc.
Numerous hours lost for nothing, just because it couldn’t tell me it was the wrong kind of version.
I still don’t get it though. I thought it couldn’t display webp images, yet all those pictures in the sample are webp and appeared here ? How do I even know what difference the extended version could make given that I never use any advanced feature ?! I truly ø@ßëd me over in a random way.

Even then right now I had to redeploy from a saved version of because the first 30 characters or so of my pages wouldn’t appear ? Like, not an entire paragraph, but a fixed range of letters. Most random dysfunction I’ve had till now.

The requirements are well documented, regardless of OS:

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