Cannot run hugo in /dev/shm

I want to test hugo’s peed running in RAM. I copied my hugo folder to /dev/shm, however when I run hugo I got the error:

Error: open /dev/shm/hugo_2/config.toml: permission denied

I have checked the UID&GID. Both are correct and the same as the folder on my normal hard disk. Does anyonre know how to make hugo work also for files in /dev/shm ?

Apart from the why anybody would put something into /dev/shm this is probably not a Hugo question, but more something for Stackexchange. I would assume that /dev/shm is somehow defined in the fstab and there are settings that disallow programs locally to access it directly.

I know using shm is not typical, but my site has 350k pages so i want to test different methods to speedup. I am testing google cloud vm. The shm is mounted with nodev and nosuid.

I don’t know enough about this but I would say your OS is managing the RAM and moving something in there that is not used is garbage collected and disappears. Because RAM is not a file system.

I would read up on RAM-drives and try that approach. Don’t think though Hugo will get faster with this.

Hi there @entron ,

This is outside the scope of the Hugo forum. As @davidsneighbour said, Stack_ might be a better place to ask your question.