Cannot commit or stage public/ folder using Blogdown

Hi, I’m very new at this and trying to set up a blog using RStudio and Blogdown.

One thing I’ve repeatedly had trouble with is not being able to commit my changes. Specifically, in RStudio, I cannot stage certain folders before committing. The public/ folder seems to be the main problem. In the git window, it has two question marks next to it, and I cannot check the box. I’ve attached an image below.

RStudio seems to freeze when I check this box, and I can only quit out by using the Task Manager.

I have been able to successfully commit my changes for simple themes - e.g. Lithium - and had these successfully deployed on Netlify. But for other themes, including Academic, Tranquilpeak and Icarus, I keep running into the same problem.

I’m not sure how to provide a reproducible example in this context sorry, but please let me know if I can provide further information. Thanks.