Can I use Siteleaf CMS with a Hugo build?

I find Siteleaf a spectacular CMS. It works with Jekyll build website. Does anyone know if you can use Hugo built websites too? It would hurt me to go from Hugo to Jekyll. :joy:

It looks like you can use the Api to use it with Hugo. You will need some knowledge in node.js or ruby. It wouldn’t be the simplest integration of the world, but it seems doable.

It’s not what you asked, but…
If you get frustrated trying to integrate siteleaf and Hugo, there are other great alternatives here: Web-Based Editor?

Thanks for the reply and advice @guayom. The site’s for a client who are coming from WordPress so it needs to suit a basic level of confidence and familiarity. And I can say after playing around with Siteleaf that it’s a seriously-impressive option with impressive flexibility, user roles, and all sorts of extra features.

I’ve played around with Prose & Co in the past and unless they’ve improved significantly I didn’t find them corporate-client level solutions. And Siteleaf is that good. Still I don’t won’t to Jekyll! I’m too in love with Hugo. It feels dirty! :joy:

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@STQOE check out I think you’ll find it on par with Siteleaf.

Thanks for bumping me back to look at Forestry @budparr. I had checked them out some time ago but it’s clearly been a while because they have lots of new goodness inside. Some crew I follow on Twitter have recently given up on Forestry because of bugginess so I hope that’s behind them too.

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