Can I store markdown files with rich content within data folder?

Hello, friends! I want to build a website about cars. And within my markdown articles I need to show cards for different car models. Something like in the image below:

Can I store my content within markdown file in the data folder, then access it from shortcode probably and render it within my markdown articles from content folder?

Why markdown, because of:

  1. Things like car model name, image, horwsepower, clearance, restyling year and other technical information I can store within frontmatter.
  2. And rich car description with paragraphs and images I can write just as regular markdown text.

Then I need to somehow built a shortode, where pass car model/name, and render it within my /content/markdown articles.

I’m sorry for blurry question and bad English. I’m now only learning GoHugo, and looking to it, if It suits for my needs.

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No, you cannot.