Can I mark a Page as a non-Page?

My site will be made up of Pages which will all be equivalent and for a blog. A sidebar (or something else) will reference all of them.

I need, however, to have one single Page which will be distinct (say, an “About me” page). Is there a way to mark/configure so that it does not show in Site.Pages, .Next and .Prev?


In FM add:

notpage: true

In layout which contains next\prev code add:

{{ if and .IsPage (not .Params.notpage) }}
   next\prev code
{{ end }}
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There are lots of options for doing something like this, I would suggest using where to filter out pages – but the page will still be rendered to disk and in .Site.Pages etc.

I’d generally use sections for this.
/content/ for your excluded pages
/content/blog/ for your blog posts, and then use .NextInSection rather than simply .Next
Could help depending on your use case (also opens scope for archetypes a bit more).


What samozzy said is exactly what I would do.