Can Hugo read content from a zip file?

I wonder what can be done if the number of files in the Content directory becomes big - that may be difficult to manage. Can Hugo be tuned to read data (.md and .yml) from a compressed file, e.g. .zip?

Move the inactive[1] content into another directory or module.

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I didn’t mean the inactive content - I meant the active content files. Like any book reader on a phone can read zipped epub, etc. files. Why should not Hugo be able to read content files in a zipped folder?

Moving content into another directory, or into a Hugo module, makes it less “difficult to manage.”

Hugo content modules have the advantage of (a) caching, and (b) versioning.

If you really want to store your content in containers (e.g., zip, tarball, etc.), then you’ll need to extract those containers as part of your build script.