Can Hugo be used with Salesforce?

This is probably a stretch, but I would like to replace Salesforce Knowledge articles with Hugo at work. I’ve used both across my career and Hugo is vastly superior for technical documentation – the problem is it is not native to the SF Support Cloud experience.

While it’s simple to create a Hugo knowledge base, I have no idea if it’s possible to sync a Hugo github repo with a SF support portal & a SF community in such a way that one can search Hugo articles through the SF support. Has anyone attempted or succeeded in this? If you had to guess, how difficult would it be?

You need to ask the Salesforce community about that. Hugo can create your knowledge base. Sure. But you need to know how the knowledgebase is integrated in Salesforce. If it’s a simple website then you are good to go. If they use their own database then it’s a big nope. I think you won’t be able to do what you want.