Bug-fix needed with Somrat theme

I use the Somrat theme and have almost finished setting up my website with it. I am very happy with the theme and the configuration options.

Unfortunately, while testing, I ran into a problem that also occurs in the Somrat demo site. The “hire me” button on the home page does not take you to the contact form. Also the button “Say Hello!” at “Need A Service?” wrongly redirects you to the homepage.

In contrast, the contact button on the menu bars does what it’s supposed to.

I already tried to find the error in the index.html, but couldn’t figure it out. Unfortunately, my knowledge does not reach that far.

Please link a repo with your site so we can take a look. It’s probably just that the link in the theme has a href="#" in there. You will possibly be able to override it by copying that specific theme file into your “local” layouts folder (same place as in the themes layout folder) and change what you want to change.

What could also be is that you need to configure the link as proper full link with http and domainname in the beginning. But… no code… then it’s a blackbox.

Thank you for your offer to help. Sorry, but I am still quite inexperienced. I have never created a repo before and just registered on github to do so. I was only able to upload a few files there. See:

As I said, the same error occurs in the demo version of the Somrat theme. Therefore the same solution should be found there as well.

The way you suggested it worked:

in the index.html, line 37 and line 286 instead of

href="{{ .link | absURL}}"

insert this:


The solution should be href="{{ .link | relURL}}"

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