Breadcrumb URLs stop after first listed URL

My breadcrumb URLs don’t output the proper URL after the first set.

So if a page is located at /Bands/Coldplay (http://localhost:1313/Bands/Coldplay), /Bands has the proper URL and redirects to (http://localhost:1313/Bands), yet /Coldplay goes to (http://localhost:1313/Coldplay).

Here is my code:

   {{ $url := replace .Permalink ( printf "%s" .Site.BaseURL) "/" }}
    <ol class="breadcrumb">
      <li class="breadcrumb-item"><a href="{{ .Site.BaseURL }}">Home</a></li>
      {{ range $index, $element := split $url "/" }}
        {{ if ne $element "" }}
          <li class="breadcrumb-item"><a href="{{ . | absURL }}">{{title . }}</a></li>
        {{ end }}
      {{ end }}

Is it possible to just disable to last url in the breadcrumb chain?


Found this:
Works and actually pulls in the relative URLs that I’m looking for.