Bootstrap, Hugo and Pagefind cannot find the tumbnails on the search page

It’s not really a Hugo question. The path to the image is not found. The images are located in /static/images/gameboy.jpg, for example. I have a file in content/company/ I would like to see an image on the pagefind search site. Here is the Markdown file:

title: "Brand-guidelines"
description: " Brand guidelines"
draft: false
slug: "brand-guidelines"

{{< row >}}
{{< column col-md-12 >}}

# Brand guidelines

<img data-pagefind-meta="image[src]" src="/images/gameboy.svg" style="display:none" />

## second


## third

<img src="/images/gameboy.jpg" style="display:none" />
{{< /column >}}
{{< /row >}}


This is the right path for the image at the search page:

<img data-pagefind-meta="image[src]" src="../images/gameboy.jpg" />

But when I switch to the then I get an error message 404 not found. The path is wrong. At the page the correct path is


The question is, where does the line

<img data-pagefind-meta="image[src]" src="../images/gameboy.jpg" />

have to be placed so that the error message no longer appears? Perhaps the line can also be placed in the frontmatter of the corresponding Markdown file?

Or perhaps a shortcode?