Blogroll list

So in my template I wish to have a blogroll, that means basically a list of websites I recommand people reading.

The aim is also that any user of my template would then be able to write their own blogroll easily.

I think that should fit well in a data file in this form:

blogroll = [
   "Cyrille Borne" = "",
   "Indre's Tumblr" = "",
   "Roka" = ""]

Now how do I access each key and url ? Or should I have each key in form:

    blogroll = [
       ["name" = "Cyrille Borne", "url" = ""]

I have the feeling that should be easy, that I just miss the small trick to do it.

Thanks for the help.

Use TOML tables.

See this as an example, where I am generating something like a blogroll and a bit more :slight_smile: