Blank page for subsection

I have a section called states with the structure: /states/state/cities/city eg /states/gujarat/cities

I am able to display a list of all states and individual state pages. It does not list cities though. Locally I don’t get an error page but a page with just

. On Netlify I do get the error page.

If I create the cities folder a section on its own i.e. in root then it works fine.

The odd thing is that it worked briefly (including a single city page) but as soon as I restarted “hugo server” it disappeared and I am unable to display it.

I also created a separate list page for cities in layouts/citieslist which I call in frontmatter of the file with layout: “citieslist”.

Obviously, I must be doing something wrong but I fail to see what.

regards, Alfred

version: use Hugo 0.73

you set content/english/state/gujarat/ to Leaf Bundle by using
as Documentation stated, Leaf Bundle not support nesting bundles inside it.

you need to set content/english/state/gujarat/ as Branch Bundle by using

Thanks! This worked but only after a fresh restart of the server (hugo server --disableFastRender) which must have confused me.

The _index page for the state, being a branch bundle, also shows the _index for the cities folder. i.e. _index shows the blurb about the state of gujarat (what I want) but also on the best cities in Gujarat (which I want only when I list the cities). How do I filter that one out?


The layout used by /states/gujarat/ is this one. (with specific part where it range to render it’s children content)