Best pratices?

I’m relatively “lowly” in the grand scheme of the Hugo ecology, nonetheless, I believe a curated “best practices” section of this discourse would be more than excellent to:
a. Encourage decent development with this great tool set.
b. Would allow your mediocre/mid-tier developers (a la moi) to sanity check solutions.

Examples of content:

There are probably others, but the delineation for this silo of content would be when it’s a how to use Hugo for a standard problem and it’s standard solution.

Ranging over subsections
Or whatever…

When the best practice becomes very firm it could be a feeder line into the docs.

I.e. If the above post was neated up and moved to best practices under “Taxonomy best practices” and we find that’s the best way as a community - then it could even move over to the docs. Then it helps develop the docs in a very real way from active use.

Just an idea, maybe a bad one. Wanted to put it out there. It would also help when their is the possibility of “bad” or “older” advice. Best practices becomes a more central authority in the hierarchy of information.


Hi @Roger ,

some work is apparently being done on the doc, see

Repository: GitHub - bep/gohugoioTheme2: Work in progress.


Some bookmarks I got on the topic:


FYI I had archived this module because according to GitHub stats it wasn’t used much, and I was cleaning up my ‘active’ repositories list. I think of this of being more useful as a learning tool than general debug tool (unless you have a different use case, in which case I’d love to hear about it), but in any event if it is still of interest I can unarchive and update (I’ve figured out how to set up my repos so I don’t get ‘dependabot’ warnings for package.json’s that were only in the repos for some CI actions (I moved NPM stuff to to the actions), but didn’t know if it’d be worth updating this repository). Please let me know what you think @iaeiou !

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Hi @cshoredaniel,

if it’s not too much burden, I would recommend to leave this repo open to contributions, as it could be a way to know that an update was done by someone else.

I agree that these debugging tools are far from perfect and mostly useful to discover the inside life of Hugo.
Still, they provide important insights and deserve an update if have time for it!
(Note that the website is down for me right now)

@iaeiou Thank you. I think I will unarchive and update. The site is down because I had too many sites and removed them all except my main websites. I’ll either bring back the debug tables one, since it’s a useful special case (the rest were module exampleSites, which really weren’t needed to be public IMO). I haven’t decided how to host it yet, but I’m thinking I’ll add it to a barely used VPS I have, since it’s not likely to be high traffic.

Again, thank you for the thoughts and support, and I’ll post a new message in tips & tricks, once I bring it back.

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