Basic layout and setup

So, I’m getting really confused about how is supposed to layout the content.

I have a site to be imported - from an already joomla live website - which is laid out this way:

‘home’ | ‘about’ | ‘instruments’ | ‘services’ | ‘contact’

‘instruments’ has submenus: ‘basses’ | ‘cellos’ | violas’ | ‘violins’ | ‘viols’

under each instrument family there are specific model related page:
‘Montagnana’ | ‘Gofriller’ | ‘Gasparo da Saló’ | etc…

So, I need that when I select the ‘instruments’ menu I can open a listing page and also a submenu which point to the strings kind. Than, if I select ‘basses’, I need that a listing page which shows up the available model.

Of course, I wish to use taxonomies to search for every instrument which is recommended for solo recitals, or orquestras, or jazz ensemble, etc…

What’s the recommended way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!