Are taxonomies created by default?

My understanding is that neither ‘tags’ nor ‘categories’ are provided by ‘default’.

Is this still true? From

Without adding a single line to your site’s configuration file, Hugo will automatically create taxonomies for tags and categories.

The docs are probably correct. Please test it out and report your findings! :slight_smile:

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Using v0.30.2, Hugo does indeed create a “categories” and “tags” taxonomy if you don’t specify anything in your config.

This is the output with a plain config.toml with no taxonomies defined:

0 tags created
0 categories created

If you do specify taxonomies in your config, it will only create what you choose. So, if you were to only define tags in config.toml, it would no longer output the “0 categories created”, because categories don’t exist anymore.


FWIW I am using .59 and when I remove these lines from my site config file, these taxonomies no longer appear to generate. :frowning:

Is the documentation no longer accurate?