Alphabetical sort order

In Hugo 0.57, alphabetical sort order is supported. How do we choose which alphabetical order to choose? I mean in international/multi-lingual contexts how do I choose the sort order of Swiss German, vs. Germany German?

How do the Swiss sort different?

When I read the anouncement and thought about sorting in MySQL where you have to define a encoding style so either Ä is sorted right behind A and not behind Z as it would be in “normal”. I am afraid that will be what is done in Go, just after ASCII-code order.

I’ll have an eye on this :wink: interesting topic.

So, @regis raised an issue asking about this. I asked him some of the questions above, but we decided to start with something simple that would greatly improve the current situation: Sorting based on Unicode case-folding. Which isn’t as flexible/powerful as the collation features you find in MySQL etc., but is for most people certainly (even the Swiss I would presume) thousand times better than what we had.

Note that we’re in general missing a lot in this department, but I have been waiting for this to mature in the Go libraries so we/I don’t have to invent the wheel, so to speak. Go is a great platform in many ways, but in some areas it is still … young.